2 little hyphenated words

It doesn’t take away from who I am

It does show sides that even I dont like

I cant always recognize myself

But bi-polar is a part of me

Yet it doesn’t define me

I am still me inside

Yet I am constantly judged by it

I am made to feel like a reject

Like my friendship doesn’t matter

Because i am not good enough

But I am good enough

my disorder makes me cranky

And sometimes mean

And although I dont mean it

I understand it still hurts

So i try to make amens

But its never enough

And yet again I am pushed aside

Bi-polar doesn’t take away from my feelings

It actually intensifies them

So when I dont feel accepted

Or that I’m worth taking a chance for

It shatters me from the inside out.

I could prove that i am good enough

If only I was given a chance

My compassion has no limits

My friends lack for nothing if i can help it

I keep secrets to the grave

And never judge anyone

But when the bipolar hits

Im no longer good enough again

So I have resigned myself

to the few friends i have

And that not many people

Will be added to my life

But I am good enough

My disorder doesn’t define me

I define me.

Dont feel sorry for my struggles

I feel sorry for you

And your lack of compassion

Of acceptance

Of being a good person

My heart is big

And my love is pure

But sometimes i turn cold

To not be burned anymore.

Nothing will ever define me

No one will ever define me.

I define me.

By unknown(me)